Reflection of the web-conference with training partner

My training partner discussed the current and future trends of adult education. She used her current experience as an educator and her students as examples.

In truth, I don’t have specific examples of Diane’s discussion.  The first couple of weeks into the course, Diane was preparing to go on vacation, so she’d requested that, if possible, we complete this Skype conference before she left. At that time, I had done nothing in this PIDP course. I rushed to accommodate her request by performing my reading of some chapters of the text book combined with some online research and prepared to discuss my side of the topic with Diane.

I had taken some notes during Diane’s side of the Skype discussion, but am not now able to find them and drawing upon memory now is not serving me well. Although I felt prepared enough to engage in the dialogue with Diane, in hindsight, I was not. I felt that her end of the discussion was a bit disjointed and I wasn’t able to follow a meaningful, linear series of thoughts. I didn’t feel that I took away any new information.

In my rush to prepare for my own side of the Skype conference, I’ve little doubt that Diane probably felt the same way about my presentation. Although I had read and researched my topic and attempted to present myself in a logical method, I now realize that I didn’t have the necessary knowledge of the topic to discuss it in an intelligent manner.

At the start of this course, I was informed that there was no particular requirements regarding the order in which I completed sections of the course. This particular section, the Skype conference, follows after the essay, the creation of this Blog, and other reading and research tasks.  Because I understood that order was not of prime importance in completing this course, I had no problem with the Skype conference being done first.

In hindsight, my insights and knowledge of the topic are far greater than at the time of the conference and I realize now that I would have been better served to complete the sections of this course in the order presented on the Moodle site. I think the presentation that I would give now would be a much more complete, well-presented discussion than that which I gave during this Skype conference.




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