1) Bloom’s Taxonomy

The following is taken from Wikipedia (Wikipedia. Retrieved August 7, 2013, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxonomy)


Taxonomy may refer to:

  • Taxonomy (general), the practice and science (study) of classification of things or concepts, plus the principles that underlie such classification
  • Taxonomy (biology), a field of science that encompasses the description, identification, nomenclature, and classification of organisms


  • Bloom’s Taxonomy, a standardized categorization of learning objectives in an educational context


In other words, taxonomy is the way we classify and order things into various categories to help us make better sense of things.


Links to relevant sites:


Dr. Olenka Bilash on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Dr. Olenka S.E. Bilash
Professor, Department of Secondary Education
Coordinator of Second Languages and International Education
Former Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research


Bloom’s Taxonomy: How It Relates to College Exams

The above link is do a Word doc.  If the link is unavailable, download the document here:  Bloom’s Taxonomy and College Exams



Bloom’s Taxonomy

Why Bloom’s Taxonomy?

I can readily recall a variety of learning experiences that draw from each (or combination) of the three characteristics; affective, cognitive, and psychomotor domains.

The chosen domain would be dependent on the course itself and the student(s) in the class.

An exercise program would require a psychomotor skill, as would instruction for how to kayak, rock climb, etc. A highly technical program, such as creating and managing domain security would rely on cognitive skills.

Understanding the different domains and how they relate to a student’s characteristics will help define how I plan any given lesson.


Blooms taxonomy


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