2) Creating a positive learning environment

Links to relevant sites:


The article on the following site was apparently written with younger students in mind but all of the concepts readily apply to adult and the adult environment.

7 strategies for creating a positive learning environment


A well written article to guide educators in developing a positive learning environment.

A positive classroom climate/environment for learning



Creating a positive learning environment

I chose “Creating a Positive Learning Environment” because it’s so fundamental to humans to feel valued. This relates back to why I related to Humanistic Learning Theory – the goal is the same. People need to feel purpose, feel that they belong and fit within groups and society, and not fear feeling ostracized.

Recognizing the importance of students feeling secure, confident, and feeling like a member of the group will help guide the development of my lessons and the manner in which I interact with the students on a day-to-day basis. This understanding goes beyond day-to-day lessons and guides me in daily interactions with people, not just students.


Positive environment


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