5) Media

Links to relevant sites:


A blog from a high school biology teacher offering common sense, practical tips for using various media in the classroom.

Tips on using media in the classroom


An interesting article that highlights misuses of media (just as important as uses) in secondary school (also applicable outside of secondary schools).

The uses (and misuses) of mass media resources in secondary schools




I selected media because it offers many ways of enriching the learning experience, offering a variety of forms to help acquire and maintain the student’s interest, deliver different perspectives, potential extrinsic rewards (if used carefully), and assist in keeping the content fresh and entertaining.

Understanding the wide variety of media available can help me engage students on different levels and offer multiple means of delivering content. As useful as a variety of media can be in a course, it’s equally important to be aware of the potential for misuse – baby-sitting the class, inappropriate material or inappropriate to the lesson, etc.

Media pic


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