3) Motivational Techniques

Links to relevant sites:


Simple strategies and techniques to motivate students.

Top Ten Ways to Motivate Your Students


A laundry list of motivational techniques, with clear, easy to understand explanations.

Smart Teaching



Motivational Techniques

Why I chose Motivation Techniques.

Motivation, like everything else discussed in this course, spills into everyday life; it’s not restricted to the classroom. Motivation encompasses more than making the classroom or the lesson enticing, it involves encouraging the learner, making the learner feel valued, and fostering general self-worth.  This relates to the humanistic side of learning and creating a positive environment.

This should help me be a better teacher by creating motivation using my environment (displays, media, varying locales, inviting classroom, etc) as well as appealing to the affective-domain characteristics (positive reinforcement, rewards, relating the learning to the student, showing value, etc).



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