Hello and welcome to my Blog.

My name is Dave Parsons and I’m currently a Software Support Analyst at QHR Software Inc.

I was an auto body collision repairman for a lot of my adult years.  When I decided it was time for a career change, I headed off to College – rather later in life than most of my classmates.  I’d signed-up for the Electronics Engineering Diploma program, a two year program extended to three years with the co-op term.  By the end of that course, I decided that Electronics wasn’t in my future; I had neither the interest nor aptitude to be successful as a career choice.  However, it was not a wasted effort.

The Electronics course had a large computer networking component and from that, I recognized that I did, in fact, have both desire and aptitude for computers.  So after the Electronics course, I enrolled in the Networking and Telecommunications Engineering course.  Tack on another three years, two for the course and one for the co-op term.

Since that time, I have had a variety of work that was always challenging and (mostly) fun.  I’m into my eighth year at QHR Software and still enjoy coming to work every day.

Like everyone else out there, I’ve got a lot of knowledge bouncing around in this skull of mine; some of it quite useful, some not so much.  Whatever the topic, if I know anything about it, I’ve always enjoyed trying to pass my knowledge along to anyone else that appear to be interested.  Oftentimes, even if they aren’t interested.

Recently, my proclivity for teaching has bled into my work at QHR.  I took on the challenge to learn about a new product offering from QHR, develop a training course, and deliver it – both to our internal employees and to our clients.  I’ve now gone from an informal teaching of whatever topic is currently rattling about my head, to a structured, formal program.  I’m hoping to continue with that line of responsibility by creating and delivering more courses.  That leads me to this Blog.

I’ve recently signed-up for a course at Vancouver Community College (VCC).  The course, Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program (PIDP), is offered onsite at VCC and online for those of us not fortunate enough to live in that particular area code.  This Blog is a part of that course.

This is my first attempt at a Blog, so please keep your expectations low and your praise high.  This is also my first attempt at an online course, so I hope the instructors will also keep their expectations low and their praise high.



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